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I started running in 2015. Running has changed my life completely. I was in this phase where I saw myself saying “I can’t” a lot. I didn’t really want that to be my mantra anymore so at the age of 43, I decided to run a 5k. I truly had never done any type of cardiovascular exercise in my life, in fact, I really wondered why anyone would ever run for enjoyment. 

I started my fitness journey with my husband by hiring a run coach  for a Zero to 5k program. When I started, I could barely make it around a track! Bit, bit and with the help of my first coach, I began to see changes emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. After my first 5k, and getting across that finish line, the feeling of accomplishment I felt was unlike anything I'd ever experienced in my life. Then, in 2016, I ran my first half marathon, just one year after the first 5k, and I never looked back. And finally, in 2018, I became an RRCA Certified Coach (Level 1) to inspire and challenge others to move and achieve their wildest dreams. 

To date, I've run numerous races and distances from 5k to ultramarathons. This includes 13 marathons (4 Abbott World Major Marathons - NYC, Chicago, Tokyo and Berlin), and five ultramarathons.  For me, running has been a space where all things seem possible achieve and do. Whether the result comes to pass or not is irrelevant, what has become most important to me is to try. I believe that fitness is for every BODY, no matter your size, shape, gender, current ability or physical limitation. 

I seek to inspire and empower highly motivated change seekers to move their bodies and strengthen their minds. Whether you are looking to run your first 5k or step-up your game to run your first marathon, I'll be your biggest fan and cheerleader helping you every step of the way.

I hope YOU will join me! 

Sincerely, Do no Harm,

Coach Pilar


Our Mission

To empower and inspire highly motivated change-seekers to move their bodies and strengthen their minds.